Barra Presents: The World’s Healthiest Smoothie?


Imagine the two most potent antioxidants. Now imagine drinking them in one sip. The first one, as we all know, is Matcha, but the second one blueberry needs no introduction.

Blueberries have long since been a part of the United States diet list as one of the ingredients with the highest number of antioxidants in the world of fruits and vegetables.

When preparing matcha tea and blueberries smoothie, we are effectively doubling the pleasure, all the while offering our body protection from free radicals and strengthening its ability to protect DNA. Numerous researches suggest that blueberries actually protect the nervous system and increase your memory capacity.

Frozen blueberries retain the maximum number of their nutritious value, which makes this ingredient available to us almost all year long. You need 5 minutes of prep time for the world’s healthiest smoothie. All of the ingredients above should be placed in a blender and mix until smooth. You could add ice to the mix during the hot summer days!


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